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EthnoSuoni is an association whose main intent is the promotion and management of Italian folk groups: our Country has revealed a quite unique richness in native traditional music, due to the great differences between northern Italy, which is quite continental and historically related to France, England and Germany, and the southern area, widely influenced by the Mediterranean culture. Moreover, there are a lot of linguistic minorities living in Italy (Greek, Albanian, Occitan, French, German), and in some regions, like Piedmont, Sardinia and Friuli, people speak local languages. All this makes up a lot of different musical traditions, instruments, dances, songs.

The Italian folk scene is rich in talented bands; many of these play their own traditional music and instruments mixing them with new instruments and modern arrangements, so creating a perfect balance between the old and the new. That's probably what they now call World Music...
EthnoSuoni also organizes a number of folk festivals in Italy, the bigger one of these being Folkermesse. This festival takes place every year from May to September in more than 30 towns and villages in Piedmont (north-western Italy). In 2003 Folkermesse is going to celebrate its 20th anniversary.


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