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Dòna Bèla
An exquisite and evocative project, crossing every barrier and getting to the heart of a great variety of listeners.

Eyfo (European Youth Folk Orchestra)
The first european youth orchestra of traditional music. Every member brings on the sound, the repertoire, and the musical colors of his land of origin, giving a really exciting blend.

Paul James & Mark Hawkins
Paul James, the leader of Blowzabella in his first solo record. This worderful bagpiper is always a "captain", and this venture into modern sounds opens new horizons in folk music.

Urbalia Rurana & Maurizio Martinotti
A long common journey which has found its intersection point in a record acclaimed by both critics and listeners. Piedmontese and Catalan music, thas it to say southern Europe and its vitality.

Christmas songs and tunes from the Centre of France, played on hurdy gurdy, bagpipes, keyboards, plus a fantastic female voice.

Il viaggio di Sigerico
Big european band, with Paul James (Blowzabella), Jean Blanchard (La Bamboche, Beau Temps), Carlos Beceiro (La Musgaña), Maurizio Martinotti (La Ciapa Rusa, Ensemble del Doppio Bordone).

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