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The flavour of tradition and the excitement of innovation melt in the new Ciapa Rusa, guided once again by its historical leader Maurizio Martinotti.

La Lionetta
The irony, the invention and the stylistic breach of one of the most famous bands in the italian folk scene, who conquered the public of the last edition of "Tanz & Folkfest" in Rudolstadt.

Sancto Ianne
The freshest and most exciting novelty from the extraordinary musical tradition of southern Italy.

Asteriskos offers a musical repertoire that draws its origin from the ancient ballads of the sicilian school of the XIII century.

Laura Conti e Ombra Gaja
Mixing the magic of ethnic instruments with the classic style of violin and flute, this band cleverly develops a sound that might be defined as 'contemporary folk'.

Compagnons Roulants
The purpose of the group is the rediscovery and circulationof the traditional music belonging to the Piedmontese peasant and mountain culture.

Din DelÚn 
Excellent Lombard band; their repertoire is a trait d'union between the traditional song and the folk dance.

Ensemble del Doppio Bordone
This band takes a special interest in the repertoire of airs and tunes from the popular tradition of religious subject, assembled in a highly evocative Christmas concert.

La Furlancia
It's a rather new group, but its three musicians have a long experience in playing traditional music. They base their repertoire on traditional dances and songs from Liguria.

Myriam Lattanzio
One of the most enchanting voices of Neapolitan music in these last years, accompanied by a very refined and particularly 'mediterranean' band.

La Moresca Antica
La Moresca Antica resumes, in a scrupulous and productive manner, the study and re-proposal of the charming repertoire of sea melodies and chants.

For the last twenty years, Müsetta is the first name we have associated to the peculiar music of the Italian Apennines, led by the 'piffero' and the 'müsa'.piffero.

Quartetto Tamborini
This group collects compositions by some authors of the cultivated music of the Eighteenth century in Piedmont.

La Rionda
With their cultured and refined approach, these musicians offer an effective insight into the traditional music of Liguria.

Carmelo Salemi
He is widely acknowledged as 'number one' among the virtuosi of 'friscaletto', the particular flute of the sicilian musical tradition.

Pìvari Trio
A very interesting band devoted to the research of the true roots of the popular music from the Apennines near Modena.

Suriscot Trio
An incredible trio that can be considered, by full right, the future of Piedmontese folk.

The Luf
One would expect popular songs and instead what you find is a really strong music, rock or folk-rock oriented, with a touch of South-America.

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